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Frat House Troopers

Frat House Troopers - Xavier  Mayne It probably makes me a bad person, but I would have enjoyed this story so much more if the author had just dropped the love story between Brandt and his partner and just made it about how Brandt was sent to infiltrate the frat house, and how he came to accept and then embrace his role as an internet sex idol. Sort of a How Brandt Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Sex. This book clearly wanted to be porn it really did, and I was good with that, but then out of the blue there was this love story, and it just didn't work for me at all. The feelings felt like they came out of nowhere, and their relationship just changed too fast to feel authentic or real. I mean they go from not being able to look at another guy's ass to jumping each other, and while we have Brandt's thought process I didn't feel like I got the same handle on Donnelly's thought process, so I never full bought into it.The story of Donnelly's brother should have been moving, but the way it was written almost made it feel farcical like the story itself wasn't serious enough to support what should have been a tragic story. It just didn't fit, and felt awkward rather than sad.I think this book suffered from an identity crisis, and the author tried to write some fun smut, and then someone told them it had to have some sort of deeper feelings, and meaning, but those feelings and meaning never really took root, and they just felt like a flimsy facade thrown up to disguise the heart of porn.I wish it had just embraced the porn, and left the other trappings behind.